(UNRELEASED) Yoshi's Story "2" GBA Tech Demo

(UNRELEASED) Yoshi's Story "2" GBA Tech Demo

Gameplay of the audio version of the demo. Credit to Neridcai for the footage.

Yoshi Demo by Nintendo

Gameplay Of The Tech Demo

Yoshi Demo by Nintendo 2

Rotating Yoshi's Island model, as seen at the beginning of the demo.

Yoshi's Story, often referred to as "Yoshi Demo" was a tech demo created to demonstrate the capabilities of the Game Boy Advance's hardware. The demo had gameplay and graphics similar to that of the Nintendo 64 game "Yoshi's Story", which was released a few years prior. The demo remained relatively obscure until roms were leaked online. Interestingly, there are several versions of this demo; versions with sound and versions without sound. The versions with sound used midi renditions of pre-existing Yoshi's Story music as well as pre-existing sound effects from Yoshi's Story. Another thing to note is that this demo would've introduced a variant of the Toady that would attack by dropping spiked balls and 5-ton weights onto the player. The demo itself is a never-ending level with various Yoshi's Story-themed elements.

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