yoshi2010 reversed card is a deleted channel that had a few uploads. it is unknown how his channel was deleted.

a screenshot of kevin's punishment day

heres a list of his videos:

  • kevin's punishment day: (FOUND)
  • i recorded this scary noise outside (super scary): (FOUND)
  • jump in the CAAC: (FOUND)
  • this dude is dead: (PHOTO FOUND)

    this is the screenshot of 'this dude is dead' video

  • doing a random thing: (LOST)
  • just me outside: (LOST)
  • a reanimated scene from bfdi 13: (LOST)
  • me singing gary come home: (LOST)
  • me when i have over 10 subs: (LOST)
  • yoshi2010 reverse card update: (LOST)
  • how to make strawberry milk: (LOST)
  • donald duck dies of cancer: (LOST)
  • barney error 1 TV edition: (LOST)
  • my fnaf plush collection: (LOST)
  • my face reveal: (LOST)
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