You Do Too was a British educational show. It aired on Nick Jr. UK around 2002. Not much is known about this show, and no episodes can be found online. However, evidence of You Do Too existing can be found on certain Nick Jr. UK commercial break videos from the early 2000s, in which commercials of You Do Too could be found. Since the show was created & aired in the early 2000s, it could possibly be found on VHS/DVD recordings of Nick Jr. UK programming. The theme song for the series has been found, at the end of the video below.

Nick Jr

Nick Jr. Adverts 2002

An "up next" bumper for You Do Too is at the beginning, and the theme song can be heard at the end of the video, after a "Face" short. This is first You Do Too video ever seen in internet

It has been gone from the Nick Jr. UK website since about mid-2004, meaning Nick Jr. UK likely stopped airing it around that time.
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