Angry Video Game Nerd as A Change Of Heart aka AVGN Has A Change Of Heart is a Youtube Poop uploaded sometime in 2009 or 2010 that is based on the Christmas Angry Video Game Nerd episode two parter Christmas Carol.

The Youtube Poop features the nerd liking bad games and good games as bad. Such as the nerd saying Fuck Yeah That's Awesome or This Game Is Fucking Horrible. The video ended with an old aged nerd playing a good game and gets to mad that he shoots himself with the screen going black with an explosion sound effect and the nerd saying Damn. The credits shows the grave from Castlevania 2 but with the words AVGN on it. The title card featured an edited version of the nerd as scrooge but is drawn with smiling instead of frowning. The last shot of the video contains an edited grave from Castlevania 2 saying RIP Nerd.

The video later got removed a few years ago for unknown reasons.

Not that many copies of the video have been surfed over the years since it's removal.

update: so it turns out, that the video, WAS NEVER LOST IN THE FRIST PLACE!. Thats right, you just wasted your time writing this, but still, it's solved, so stop searching for it


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