Zephyr:Rise of The Elementals
Cover art of the demo itself.
Cover art of the demo itself.
Status Unproduced

Zephyr:Rise of The Elementals was a demo developed by Loose Cannon Studios, and shown at E3 2009. The game would later be renamed to Tornado Outbreak, along with some changes as well. The demo only had one known objective, find and collect the Fire Flyers. After completing the objective the player would then complete a race known as the vortex race. After completing a vortex race, the player would then complete a short boss battle requiring the player to select a target with the left stick, and repetitively tap X or B to pummel Totem polls. As of 2016, a two minute and fifteen second video surfaced showing some gameplay of the demo.


JB preview.jpg
TP preview.jpg

Tornado Alley

Not much is known about this version of the demo, as only one screenshot has surfaced on the internet.

Only known screenshot of the prototype.


Three videos of the prototype has surfaced on the internet.


Zephyr Rise Of the Elementals (Tornado Outbreak) Demo

Gameplay of the demo.


Zephyr Rise of The Elementals - E3 2009 Developer Walkthrough (PS3)

Developer Walkthrough


Your Tornado and You!

Prototype tutorial

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