Zimmer Twins is an series of shorts that first aired on Teletoon in Canada on 2005 as Telepicks and on the Qubo channel, along with Qubo blocks NBC, Ion Television, and Telemundo in the US on 2007 as qubopics.

The shorts were made by the users at (in Canada) and (in the US). These were aired on TV. These telepicks and qubopics were also on (Telepicks) and (qubopics).

Despite having a (small) cult following and having an special called "The Golden Idol Awards" which premiered in 2008, it's not well-known by most people, leading to lost stuff.

Teletoon aired the Telepicks from 2005-2008 while Qubo aired the QuboPics from 2007-2010.

An handful of telepicks and qubopics can be found on YouTube, but several of them are lost.

Found Shorts


  • Run! (2006)
  • Party Cat (2006/INCOMPLETE)
  • Fortune Dream (2006/INCOMPLETE)
  • Teleport Crystal (2006)
  • 13 is Free (2006/INCOMPLETE)
  • Boredom with a Capital B (2006)
  • Mystery Man X (2005)
  • Super Action Boy (2006)
  • Pranking Edgar (2006)
  • The Infomericial (2005/INCOMPLETE)
  • Finding 13 (2006/INCOMPLETE)
  • Fooled! (2006/INCOMPLETE)
  • Pickles (2006/INCOMPLETE) (This and all the previous 3 telepicks are in this video.)
  • 13's Button World (2005)
  • 13's Rocker Side (2006/Ending is in low-quality)
  • 13's Exercise Montage (2008)
  • Karate for Knuckleheads (2008)
  • The Not-So Big Escape (2008)
  • Never Steal Public Items (2008) (Part of "The Golden Idol Awards" special)
  • The Brain Sucker Helmet (2008) (Part of "The Golden Idol Awards" special)
  • Adventures in Outerspace (2005/Ending is in low-quality)
  • The Rock Concert (2006)
  • more found telepicks will added to this list soon.


  • Magic Fortune Cookie (2008/2009)
  • Mission Of (2008/2009)
  • Fortunate (2008/2009)
  • Another qubopic/to be titled soon (the title at the left is not the real title/2008)

Lost Shorts


  • TBA


  • TBA
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