Lost Media Archive

The Zimmer Twins shorts were animated shorts, available as a website, and a television series, first airing in Canada on Teletoon and Télétoon in 2005 as Telepicks and Favotoons respectively, in Australia on the Rollercoaster programming block (by ABC) in mid-2007 as Rocopicks, and in the United States on the Qubo channel, along with Qubo blocks NBC, Ion Television and Telemundo, in 2007 as "quboPics".

Users could freely make shorts on multiple websites designed for different markets: zimmertwins.ca (Canada in English), jumeauxzimmer.ca (Canada in French), zimmertwins.com.au (Australia) and zimmertwins.com (the United States). Some of these shorts made by users in these countries on their respective websites were selected to air on TV, airing with their speech bubbles replaced with voice acting, and were also available in this form on their respective websites.

Despite a small cult following and having a special in Canada (both on Teletoon and Télétoon) called "The Golden Idol Awards" (French: Les Prix Chadorés; The Chadore Awards), which premiered in 2008, it's not well-known by most people, leading to lost media.

Teletoon and Télétoon aired the Telepicks and Favotoons respectively from 2005-2008 for 3 series, ABC aired the Rocopicks from mid-2007 to early 2009 in 6 "rounds", and Qubo aired the quboPics from 2007-2009 for two "rounds", with a third "round" planned for 2010 being cancelled.

All 106 Telepicks, 106 Favotoons, 75 Rocopicks (albeit one, Zimmer Rivalry, is frozen for the last 18 seconds), and 5 quboPics, four and one of the latter exclusively in English and Spanish respectively, can be found on YouTube.

The quboPics are harder to find due to the final episode being aired in 2009, being taken off the air in 2010 when the Qubo aspects from the website were removed earlier that same year, and also due to the site shutting down on August 10, 2020, but may be found thanks to The Zimmer Twins Archive. According to the archive site's Discord server, some users from the Zimmer Twins website captured almost all movies from zimmertwins.com before it officially shut down. The archive site is not actively updated, but the Discord server is somewhat active.


Jumeaux Zimmer

  • Website - All are lost.
  • Favotoons - All are found.[2]


  • Website - All are lost.
  • Rocopicks - All are fully found, except for Zimmer Rivalry, of which the last 18 seconds are lost due to the high and low quality video files being corrupt.[3]


  • Website - Many are found. No method has been found to get these working again, however. Though, most of them are in the "Profiles" section of the ZT Archive's website, but the movies are in the links of users whom made the movies.
  • quboPics - Only five are found: four in English only, and one in Spanish only.[4]